Conscious Ground is a collective of aspiring leaders and change makers who are passionate about learning to live in harmony with one another and the earth whom we respect and love.

Our mission is to create an environment for people to flourish and grow through living, learning and leadership:

  • We aim to restore the earth’s food production systems through permaculture and syntrophic farming practices that regenerate and restore the land.

  • We will build earth-structures that leave a light footprint on the environment.

  • And we will produce and prepare the most nutritionally dense foods to heal body, mind and soul.

We are working towards becoming an educational centre of excellence in farming systems [animals, horticulture and operations], earth building and food/nutrition. We look forward to teaching those who desire to learn these sacred practices, and who in turn, will go out into the world to share their experience and learning.

We are peacemakers. Artists. Poets. Musicians. Yogis. Meditators. Seekers. We desire more joy in our lives and a kinder world. We long for a future where the collective vision is of deep love and respect for all – including our beautiful planet. We desire to walk the higher path of love.

By joining us at Conscious Ground you will immerse yourself in a beautiful like-minded collective from all over the world, consisting of those who desire to grow in the love while sharing their gifts with one another. It is a fertile ground for learning and growing in the light.


Come and join us with an open heart and let the magic happen…

You will make many beautiful connections with other like-minded souls…

Come and experience life in a whole new way…


Currently we operate as a highly functioning collective that deeply cares about one another. We are committed to ourselves and each other – we value clear non-violent communication, kindness and compassion. And we are kind to one another. We always forgive.

We live by a number of agreements that enable us to become more conscious about our thoughts, words, deeds and actions – so that we can grow in awareness and understand better the impact we have on others. Through self-inquiry, we make any necessary changes within to grow and thrive. Through physical practices and organic food we heal our bodies.

We immediately address any tensions that might arise in the collective as we do not support a culture of complaining – rather, we encourage people to identify proactive and compassionate solutions to issues, as a means to learn and grow and step outside of ourselves, so that the situation does not snowball into something it’s not. We connect, talk things through, forgive, let go, and move on.


We offer you an opportunity to gain valuable real-life experience and on-the-job-training, living and working on a well-established organic farm.


Before you join us please know that Conscious Ground is a fully functioning organic farm, and that we work hard our teams - and we expect you to pull your weight.

We are looking for industrious, conscientious, mature, and diligent hard-working individuals who enjoy long days in a beautiful farm environment.


  • Farming can be some of the hardest work you do but also the most rewarding. You will be expected to contribute to all aspects of the farm when needed. The work may be hard, dirty not so glamorous at times, so please expect to get your hands dirty and be open to new challenges. On-site volunteers will have weekend duties to attend to [caring for the animals].

  • We seek volunteers that share a commitment to creating positive change within our food system, Conscious Ground committed to giving those who contribute positively a well-rounded learning experience and knowledge. The more you put in the more you get out. If there are specific interests or knowledge that you seek we will endeavour to satisfy that. 


We are not a place just to seek lodging and food, or a place for a vacation in the lovely northern rivers region. If you’re not serious about creating positive change within our food and agricultural systems, learning and contributing, then this may not be for you.


We are currently unable to support your need for specialised mental health support. Nor are we able to offer you rehab for drug issues. We just aren’t there yet.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar, borderline, PTSD, addiction and others mental health disorders, then please seek help from a specialised health provider, and please join us when have stabilised and your condition is well managed and appropriately medicated.

What we can offer is counselling and coaching to assist you to move through some of life’s daily challenges…

Similarly, if you are suffering from physical ailments or illnesses please discuss your intention to join Conscious Ground with your medical team/practitioner and seek approval to this end. For those with disabilities, we would love to have you join us in the future when we have installed appropriate infrastructure to support your stay.

If you have any concern regarding your mental, physical and emotional health then please give us a call prior to applying for an on-site volunteer role with us.